2020-2021 update guidelines

Thank you for your patience during the last six weeks while we took the time to reorganize and more fully understand how delaying to 2021 would impact the Reclaim, Restore, Rewild (RE3) conference. 

Our conference was on track to be a success in large part because of you – the exciting work you were planning to share during oral and poster sessions, the lessons to be learned in workshops and trainings, and the connections certain to form between participants. Our goal is to continue the conference with as many of the excellent existing abstract submissions as possible. All accepted abstracts from 2020 remain accepted for 2021, though presentation formats may change.  

At this point, please find below the following options regarding your:




At this point, you have the following options regarding your ABSTRACT:

  1. Defer to 2021 with no changes or with update
    • ​​Please complete the survey further down this page.
    • Whether you are planning to present it as is or are considering changes, an email will be sent to author contact at a later date with instructions on how to update your abstract. 
      • The deadline for updating your existing abstract is November 13, 2020
  2. Withdraw your abstract (whether invited as part of a symposium or a stand-alone contributed abstract)
    • ​​Please complete the survey further down this page
    • If you were planning to give an invited talk in a symposium, please ALSO let your session organizer know as soon as possible that you are planning to withdraw. 
    • If you are a symposium/session/workshop organizer and you definitively need to withdraw your event, please notify us as soon as possible.
  3. Submit a new symposia, workshop, or abstract proposal
    • ​​The call for symposia and workshops will reopen on August 3, 2020; the call for abstracts will reopen on November 13, 2020.

DEFER or WITHDRAW - Please complete the following survey in your file to inform us of your decision:

Enter the following link:

  • Enter the abtsract Reference Number (provided in emails to main author contact)
  • Enter the abstract Access Code (provided in emails to main author contact)


At this point, you have the following options regarding your REGISTRATION:

  1. Defer to 2021
    • If you are currently planning to attend next year and already registered, please send us an email with your Reference# (provided in registration emails) to: re3quebec2021@conferium.com
    • If you need to update your registration information, please send an email with your Reference#(provided in registration emails) to: re3quebec2021@conferium.com  
  2. Cancel your registration
    • ​​If you must cancel your paid registration immediately, please send an email with your Reference# (provided in registration emails) to: re3-2020-cancel@conferium.com  
    • Please note that the conference will be charged CAN$50 (approximately US$35) in administrative fees for every cancellation. For those who do not have the financial capacity to cover this administrative fee, you can make a request to us to waive said fee. For those who are financially able, however, we appreciate your coverage of the administrative fee to help limit losses to the societies as we reconfigure the conference. 
  3. Donate your registration fee
    • ​​If you must withdraw from the conference, please consider assisting the organizing societies by sending an email with your Reference# (provided in registration emails)  to: re3-2020-cancel@conferium.com requesting that some or all of your registration fee be designated to: 
      • support registration for students or for individuals from low income countries, or
      • support one or more of the three societies due to the uncertain future nonprofits face as a result of COVID-19. Your fee will be apportioned to the societies you are a member of or split evenly if you are not a member of any society. Alternately you may request which Society or Societies the funds be designated to in your email.


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